Journalists: 854 / Media channels: 278 / Checked: 2020-02-23 / Improved: 2020-02-03


Prepare recommendations for a press release

There are a number of details that may be sent to the journalist decide to use a press release. Katsume here to bring some of which can be increased keeping in mind the likelihood of the publication.

  • The preparation of this press release based on the principle that a good message for a journalist to be an attractive and easy to use. Any further move that message to be read or understand the reduced likelihood of its use.
  • The text of the press releases, send an e-mail content. Additional attachment, if necessary, a translation of a press release, additional information and pictures. If there is a risk that the text was sent does not arrive, add the same information as an attachment, but in this case, be sure to mark the end of the text: P. S. Attachment to the same information. This will avoid unnecessary delays journalist’s attachment to open it to find out that there is nothing new. Do not add an attachment to strangers or suspicious files. There is always a risk in order to provide journalists with the virus.
  • Add an attachment only to the more common file formats such as pdf or jpg. Journalists are too often the problems of the new file formats such as docx, opening.
  • Adding photos to the press release, please note that in the jpg format is more or less fit for printing a picture of 1MB. Thus, rather than less, add images, how much unusable.
  • Do not add too large message attachments. Some media do not let your mail through the server, are larger than 2MB.
  • If you want reporters to transmit large files or a wider range of photos, put the material on the internet, and send a link to the press. It can also refer to the notice of the supplementary materials sent directly to journalists on request.
  • Do you know shaping the content too much. The less you use different fonts, colors, inline images, the easier it is to use message.
  • Try to absorb the message to one A4 page. All the information in the notice does not contain. Something worth to ask for the journalists to leave.
  • Introduce yourself! Way for a journalist’s job much easier when you add both a clear message for more information if you know the sender’s name, title, organization name, phone number and e-mail address.
  • Create a message so that it would have been to in Article format, it is easier for journalists to use. Guidelines for preparation of a notice (the link here).
  • Latvia has a large number of Russian media and its consumers. Adding an attachment to a press release of the Russian version of the notice, a notice substantially increase the coverage of the Latvian Russian-language media options. When you consider the messages sent to the Estonian media.
  • Send a press release issued this morning between 9 and 11. In the afternoon, sent the message might not reach the print and television news. Uses of online media as well as the evening news.
  • To escape the morning on the news, it would be useful to send a message to the morning hours between 5 and 6. Then the information is fresh and comes to the morning news programs on the table in time for the editors.
  • Write your message in an interesting and correct language. Smooth and free use of the word text will simplify the work of a journalist again.