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News criteria

News Criteria

Before you proceed to write the press release, think about the news of seven more of these criteria are met for the planned message. If all the seven, do not hesitate to write a notice of the careful weighing only 1-2, is it worth bothering at all the media to start.

  1. Freshness
    The event, which took place now. In practice, either today or tomorrow. Event which took place yesterday is certainly no longer fresh. Online brings the news media, the triumph of the shelf-life even more, sometimes just a few hours.
  2. Topicality
    Event or fact which is topical at the same time the media widely covered topics. For example, the first September’s hot all of which are associated with the school and the children. At the end of November and December are the focus of Christmas and family values. In today’s media scene is a leading role in the global economic crisis.
  3. Conflicting
    The conflict is a conflict or change. Previously it was not, it is now. They think the same, we think of you. To some extent, the conflict must be within each of the news. A conflict may therefore exist in a very different level from the war until the “good old days’ recall.
  4. Prominence
    Is associated with the event one or more of a public figure. If there is a world-renowned lecturer at a conference or a real estate investment sales calls a day present in the house a few well-known singer, it certainly adds a news event is of value. A distinction must be made whether there are people who are famous because they are famous, or people who are known for their works and deeds.
  5. Emotional and geographical proximity
    Humans are the most important events that occur to these people or friends in familiar places. When closed, some schools in India, it is much less interesting when the news of the closure of the school, where the reader has learned it. Geographically and emotionally close to the events, people are more able to identify with.
  6. Impact
    If you are planning to transmit information affects many people’s lives and decisions, it’s certainly news value. Open a new store is definitely nice, but it just does not affect many people. However, the introduction of new taxes for sure. The impact of these events, in particular, which must inevitably come into contact with humans.
  7. Is exceptional
    Exceptional are the things that are not normally happen. That the dog will bite humans are not uncommon, but if a man bites a dog, it is extraordinary. However, the highly unusual nature to be seen on a large scale, because the exceptional nature usually does not exceed the sectoral focus of media attention, however, may be of interest to the specialist press.