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How to prepare

Guidelines for preparation of press release

Here you will find instructions on how to prepare a proper press release. There will always be done in a different way, but the good based on some rules.

Company Name

Short title and a shrewd

Liid summarized in this press release should contain all the information. Usually 2-3 sentences (approx. 4 lines) must be saying, what is going on, which will take place, when and who is organized. Liid informational message contains the most important message.

The explanatory text section. Explains the disconnect liidis info, it clarifies and expands. Section introduces and describes the events, speakers, activities and objectives of the activities taking place. This can include lists, predictions and results, etc.

Additional narrative section. If you have more information presented, and it applies to the various sub-themes can also be explained in the paragraph number. It is important to write down everything you need, but do it as briefly as possible.

Quote information related to a specific person. “It is recommended to put this organization’s position regarding the subject, which is the subject of motivation and future projections. The quote could be about 2-3 sentences long and written in plain language. Quote from the previous paragraphs, the information presented on the supplementary estimates, “added the spokesman.
If necessary, the donors of the two citations. Another person to explain the complementary aspects of the paragraph in question. “For example, can include a quote from the position of partner in the joint project and their input made to introduce,” said another spokesman.

Organizational Information section. This is especially important to notice, resulting from somewhere further information journalists should be. There may be registreerumisnõuded, links, rules, shooting or other important information which should take account of a journalist.

Historyor background information about the company. This section presents the background of the journalist. This sentence can be put in 3-4 correspondence or business event in the history of the main activities of the presentation. This section is usually not used literally, but from there you can if necessary, additional background information the reader to open it.

If you have a letter included attachments, you may want to include them here for file names with a brief infolõiguga.
Manus1 – the file name with an explanation, which is on file.
Manus2 – photo should be noted that the picture is a photo of the author’s name and, if possible.

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