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Standard contract terms contract database of media contacts is a system service provider, Meediakontaktid Ltd. (hereinafter: the service provider), location Kakumäe tee 213, Tallinn, 10125, registration number 11396047

By joining the Client to a database system that meets the following conditions:

1. The agreement aims to regulate the service provider and client rights and obligations between the service provider database system offered by journalists using the service.

2. The service provider undertakes to provide the customer service that is received by the client to have the potential importance of journalistic information (in particular, press releases and information) to allow for the electronic transmission of the Republic of Estonia in the press and the service provider operating within the database system, the composition of the media.

3. The customer service provider is allowed to press forward through the database system, the service only for such information, the content can be assumed that it has or may have journalistic value in nature. Above all, the latter for such information and press releases. The Client shall not transmit through the Service Provider database system, a clear theme to journalists outside information (including sales offers and other junk Material covering), the contents of which are not and can not obviously be related to journalistic purposes.

4. If the Customer violates Section 3 of this Agreement and shall request the database system, inadequate information, the service provider becomes aware of the warning customers of the breach. If the Customer violates this section three times the service provider to have the right to immediately terminate the contract with the Client and the Client request, depending on the seriousness of the infringement penalty of up to 4000th – (three thousand two hundred) EUR.

5. The service provider does not control or responsibility for the customer’s database system, the service provided to journalists through press releases and information content, or for any subsequent client and a journalist (the media) claims arising from communications between the.

6. The service provider shall not be liable for failure of service completed if this is due to factors not depending on him. Not be attributed to factors to be considered first and foremost a database of members of the pressmen client’s information not reaching the ground that the journalist has for its part, subjective (e-mail rather than reading or automatically, immediately delete, etc..) Or objectively (journalist’s e-mail server to download the technical problems, journalist, Internet connection problems etc..) receipt of information.

7. The parties have agreed that the client pays the service provider to the service (paragraph 2) of a fee of EUR 15.98 + VAT each time the service (a separate notice is sent each time a database of journalists), for which the 5th of each month shall be issued to the Customer the month preceding the date of service use for the bill. Service Provider has the right to charge for the service of notice to the customer to carry out changes at least one calendar month.

8. The customer is entitled to an unlimited period of validity of the contract (taking into account the other conditions) to consume the service database system referred to in section 2.

9. If a customer is a legal person or other organization, the customer may be entitled to use the database system, the service only for your business or organization. Self-employed customer service database system, access rights shall not be transferred to another person. Customer service is prohibited by the database system uses a third party the right to resell or otherwise benefit financially quantifiable manner with the pass. If the service provider to identify a customer service database system, perpetrated by the resale or other financially quantifiable manner with the benefit of outsourcing to a third party, the Customer has the right to terminate the contract immediately, and in addition, require the Customer Service Provider of the damage (including loss of profit).

10. The agreement shall enter into force from the contract contained in the notifying e-mail kinnitamislingile clicked. Customer can request service provider to provide customer service to begin before the approval of the Client Side. In this case the contract is deemed to take effect from the first client’s data through the communication of information to journalists.

11. The contract is essentially a single payment and have a long-term contract for an indefinite period of time.

12. Either party may terminate the contract at any time by notifying the other party for at least 1 calendar month. Notice of termination does not relieve the Customer of any indebtedness incurred before the service provider’s obligation to pay.

13. The service provider reserves the right to contract at any time without advance notice up to say if the Customer has breached the contract, point 3 of the requirements, if the customer has violated the obligation to pay the service provider front, or any other contract in the event, as well as in other cases, the service provider has a valid reason. Cancellation of the contract such top service provider by the service provider does not relieve the Customer from the obligation to pay any debt.
14. Service Provider has the right to debt caused by the Customer at any time refer to the debt recovery specialists providing legal services, collection agency, and if necessary the courts. In this case, the Customer further undertakes to pay the debt incurred to recover reasonable incidental expenses.
15. The contract is signed in two copies, one for each party.
16. Arising from a contract dispute shall be settled by negotiation or by Harju County Court.