Journalists: 854 / Media channels: 278 / Checked: 2020-02-23 / Improved: 2020-02-03

User instructions

Before starting to use the service, be sure to read it. Although the service is very simple, user manual will help avoid potential errors and time delays.

  1. Conclude agreement for the use of the press releases transmission system. To conclude the agreement please send e-mail to the address
  2. Draft press release and decide, to which target groups you would like to transmit it.
  3. Select suitable addresses from mailing groups of Mailing groups can be found here. Only three groups can be used simultaneously, to avoid transmission of messages to journalists not connected with that field in their work.
  4. Use only sending address registered in the portal for sending of messages. If your address has been added to the list of senders, you have been informed of the fact with e-mail. Example: If you have registered in the portal your work address, you can only send messages to the lists of the portal from that address. When sending from other addresses (, the portal will inform you of error and will not transmit the letter.
  5. Prepare the letter. Insert selected addresses to the line of recipient address (To:). Up to 2 Mb of attachments can be annexed to the letter (images and text files). Ensure that annexed files do not include any viruses or programme sections. If the server detects file with virus risk in the attachment, the letter will not be transmitted and you receive relevant error message.
  6. Send the letter.
  7. In some minutes the portal will send you authorisation message. Click on the link in the sent message to confirm that your mail is correct. This way you avoid misuse of your mail address and errors during transmission of messages. If you do not click on the sent link, no message will be transmitted to the selected addresses.
  8. Click on the link will open your internet browser window displaying report from the portal, how many contacts received the sent letter and how many addresses in mailing groups issued error message.
  9. Do not close your browser window while sending, it can interrupt the transmission. If for some reason, however, closed the browser window, or break an Internet connection at the same time, re-click on the link of authorizatsion letter. The letter to continue from the interrupted position.