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Customer support

Our customers have helped tegutsemisperioodi three-year period to determine the most common problems services. We are adding to the problems described here also contains instructions on how to avoid them.

If this list of guidelines do not help and the problem continues, please contact our customer support in English (+372) 55654133 or e-mail address .
• A press release is sent, but the system gives an error message instead authorization letter.
More common are the three possible errors:
1. The message is sent to the registered address. Check if the letters sent to the same address with the registered user Often it happens that companies use different letters to send e-mail addresses, if you receive mail. If necessary, register addresses used by other users
2. Postitusgrupi address was entered incorrectly. Check postitusgrupi address.
3. You have exceeded the capacity limit of the size of 2Mb. Check the size of mail attachments, and if necessary, to reduce their volume. For example, often the size of attachments that Outlook tends to be rounded. So the message that the files have attachments are actually 2×1 sizes 1MB, 4MB, or up to 2.8 Mb size.

• The message was sent, but autoriseerimiskiri delayed.
More common are two reasons:
1. Mailbox is set up so that new messages have been received rarely checked.
2. Used as a mail server located in another country.
Both of these issues, it is worthwhile checking the mailbox, first click on the link. Usually the problem is resolved in about 15 minutes.
3. If the problem still persists, please contact customer support. In general, you can track down a customer service problem in a few minutes.

• Autoriseerimiskiri came, sent the link you clicked, the browser opens, but the process hangs.
The problem occurs mainly in slow or congested Internet connections. More rarely, even if the sender’s mail server is located abroad. This problem can be avoided by sending only one message at a time postitusgrupile. For most reports, it is not expedient to use more of the group.
If there is to know the short-term Internet congestion can close the browser window, and after a short time autoriseerimiskirja click on the link.

• Autoriseerimiskiri came in, click on the link sent to the browser window opens, but the error stands.
The problem occurs in two situations:
1. Forgotten your mailbox after the answering machine.
2. Have a letter sent to several groups, but one group entered the address incorrectly.
These errors, you can still e-mail, short minutes of an activity, which confirms that the letter was sent to journalists.

• You sent out a press release, sending laabus, but soon you can get a signal, message attachments that do not have a mailbox with an e-mail to journalists arrived.
Check sent to parameter files. In all likelihood, the recipient’s mail server has been recognized as a file attachment, and dangerous to the transmission rather than deleted. This problem can be avoided if only the more common file formats as attachments, notes and checks that the file in question does not contain any additional software supplements.