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Mēs meklējam sadarbības partnerus Latvijā! expansion in the Baltic States and Scandinavia

Meediakontaktid Ltd domain (, etc.) is an innovative public relations support service. The company’s goal is to make the communication of media easier, faster, cheaper and more accessible to a wider circle of interested people. For more information about services is available at

In the beginning of the 2011 is scheduled to open the service to customers among in Estonia also in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden. For better customer service and quality Meediakontaktide OÜ is looking the partner companies in these countries.

Assumption the local cooperation partner should have
Knowledge of the local media landscape.
Knowledge of public relations.
Resource (people, work surfaces, money) in the management and the marketing.
Willingness to work in an active network in the Baltic States and Scandinavia.
Preferably, the company does not belong to any international firm chains of public relations.

Local Partner opportunities
Sell the service to customers in the destination country (including the other members of the network service)
Provide customers with additional services in the field of communication.
Collect a bigger client base compared to other PR firms.

Provide a centralized network communication service in all countries that have been gathered in the network.
Make the service more efficient, faster and cheaper.

Local partner commitments
Continuously monitoring, improving and complementing the local database.
Create a customer support service in the destination country.
An active sale of the service in the destination country.

Contribution of Meediakontaktide Ltd
Creates the software solution for the service.
Creates the initial database and the cooperation partner will completes and improves it.

Creates a website presenting the service, with service main introductions and gives it to manage to the cooperation partner.
Creates a service logo (trademark) and the domain from which the service will be offered.

Price policy
The Partner provides service to the area between the price of 15 to 20 Euros per releasing a press release, plus local taxes (e. g. VAT).
There are no prescriptive of additional services for the cooperation partner.

Experiences service is now offered in Estonia for three years and the service has found its position in the market place. We will list some key empirical points for doing business in Estonia, we have learned.

  • The service is particularly attractive for innovative companies who are seeking efficiency
  • A client who has tested the service for free for two months will make a contract in 70%  of the probability and will continue to use it.
  • The service is hard to sell to the national structures which have a rigid budget. Often in these bodies are easier (though more expensive) to keep an employee who performs the same job than to bought in the same service.
  • The service is very attractive outside the state for disseminating messages.
  • Also, users will quite soon discover the need for additional services, which often significantly exceed the turnover of the service of sending messages. In Estonia the additional public relation service financial volume is 1:6. Which means that for each press release that costs 15 euros, there will be additional services for 90 euros sold.
  • The most efficient channal for selling the service is the phone sale for the pre-selected potential clients.
  • For selling the service should be use people who can understand the role of the service and the role of the public relations. The better the sales person understands the nature of the service, the more successful is the sale.
  • Ideally it is possible for the target country to reach to 20% sending press releases through this service.

If you find that you might be interested in offering the service, let us know, so that we can already begin concrete negotiations on making an agreement.

Paul Veetõusme
International markets manager
+372 5016617

Rain Veetõusme
Development manager
+372 55654133